We are the leading and major supplier of Rocklander safety boots in Kenya. Rocklander safety boots are a favorite for many people working in construction, manufacturing, engineering and other fields where superior protection of the feet is a necessity.

As a leading brand, Rocklander safety boots offer unmatched protection to your feet. The upper material is tough embossed leather to protect your feet from many elements and hazards. You get a composite or steel toe cap to keep your toes and upper section of your foot protected from falling objects.

The boots come with anti-slip soles that ensure you can walk on any surface without falling over. To ensure comfort, there is a comfortable midsole and soft upper sole that keeps you comfortable regardless of how long you will be working. The outer soles are also anti-puncture so nothing can get through to you as you work.

Rocklander safety boots are not only safe, they are also practical and comfortable. These are boots that you can take from a site to the office for a presentation or to work for the rest of the day. Rocklander safety boots are made to international standards ensuring you get the protection you need for many years.

We stock a wide variety of Rocklander safety shoes so you can choose the right shoe for your needs. All the rocklander safety shoes we supply come made using superior technologies that ensure your protection regardless of the environment you are in.

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