Overalls offer workers in most manual jobs protection while they are carrying out their duties. They protect the workers from harm, spatter and keep their clothes clean. We stock both bib and brace style overalls and coveralls. Coveralls have full arms and collars to offer complete body protection.

Besides just offering protection, we stock overalls that meet specifications in certain industries. For instance, some workers require overalls that offer great visibility which means they need to have reflectors. We can also customize the overalls to meet your particular needs. We have overalls in both navy and orange colors which are the most common. However, other colors are available too.

Our overalls are made from a mixture of tough and high quality materials including cotton, denim and linen amongst others. Whether you are looking for protection (for your clothing or body), visibility, warmth, or for overall uniforms, we have the right products for you.

The safety of your employees doesn't have to be an expensive price to pay. We offer our products at the best overall prices in Kenya. We have locally made and imported products so there is something for everyone regardless of their needs.

We stock a wide range of quality work wear including overalls, ensuring that companies and businesses in all industries are able to equip their staff with the required uniform to carry out their job in a safe manner. We therefore supply a selection of overalls for different uses and for varying standards of protection.

Further, we offer unmatched overall prices in Kenya to ensure your employees are safe. Our overalls are ideal for farmers, road workers, engineers, welders, builders, painters and workers in all other industries. Browse our wide range of products and place your order now. We offer delivery countrywide.